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Saturday, November 30, 2013

December Daily 2013

I'm doing December Daily this year. The last time I did it was in 2009. I've been busy in recent years so I didn't pursue in the the past three years. I am ready to do it again this year. It helps that Ali Edwards and Studio Calico collaborated to come up with a gorgeous kit! I am getting a lot of inspiration from both Ali Edwards and Studio Calico. I am so excited to get creative and do my album. I am also just as excited to document daily life this month. Don't expect extraordinary events, nor fantastic photos. Most of the time, I'll use my point and shoot and just document. What matters is that I capture real life, the here and now. It will also be a gratitude journal to document blessings this season, and which will also kick off my year-long gratitude blogging.  This is the kit that I used. So pretty!

And here's my album.

IMG_0010_Ed copyIMG_0011_Ed copy IMG_0012_Ed copyIMG_0013_Ed copy

Can't wait to get started!

Sunday, November 24, 2013


As far as I can remember, we always spend All Saint's Day with my cousins. It's one of the two annual holidays that we get to spend together, the other one being Christmas. Anyway, this year was no different. We spent the day together, eating, exchanging stories, eating, making fun of each other, eating, laughing our hearts out, eating. At the end of the day, before dinner, I decided to practice a bit of shooting and called my cousins to pose for me. They are always willing subjects so it was a quick and easy session. The sun was setting so we had beautiful light. We could have walked around for a better location but we only had a few minutes before the sun disappears, and I still had to prepare dinner. So I just set up my camera and flash on the street in front of our home.
  IMG_9792_EdIMG_9818_Ed_BW IMG_9820_Ed IMG_9843_Ed IMG_9850_Ed IMG_9867_Ed IMG_9872_Ed IMG_9873_Ed IMG_9875_Ed_BW IMG_9880_Ed IMG_9891_Ed IMG_9895_Ed IMG_9896_Ed IMG_9897_Ed_BW IMG_9916_Ed_BW IMG_9902_Ed IMG_9922_Ed IMG_9938_Ed_BW IMG_9947_Ed IMG_9950_Ed_BW 

 And here are some photos with the birthday girl. I made the chocolate cake. :)

Awful shadows but it's the only one I got. :( 
At dinner, we planned our themed Christmas party. I'll definitely take a lot of photos then. Can't wait!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My First Pregnant Subject

I don't want to call it a maternity shoot. That will make it sound like I am a pro. I'm not. I just love taking photos. A colleague, Doreen, happened to be very pregnant. Another colleague, Susie, volunteered me to take photos of Doreen. I was thrilled to do it! We only had an hour, before work officially starts. So we met at the garden right across our office. The light was great, though it could have been better had we started earlier.
  20131009_Doreen_0010_Ed 20131009_Doreen_0011_Ed 20131009_Doreen_0011_Ed2 20131009_Doreen_0012_Ed_BW 20131009_Doreen_0013_Ed3 20131009_Doreen_0013_Ed2 20131009_Doreen_0017_Ed 20131009_Doreen_0020_Ed 20131009_Doreen_0022_Ed 20131009_Doreen_0025_Ed 20131009_Doreen_0023_Ed_BW

After a while we moved inside our office. We went to a spot where morning sunlight is abundant. Here, I took a couple of shots with just ambient light illuminating Doreen.
20131009_Doreen_0030_Ed_BW 20131009_Doreen_0032_Ed 20131009_Doreen_0033_Ed 20131009_Doreen_0036_Ed

Then we moved downstairs into a meeting room. Ambient light is a bit limited here so I brought in my off-camera flash.
20131009_Doreen_0044_Ed_BW 20131009_Doreen_0046_Ed 20131009_Doreen_0044_Ed_BW2 20131009_Doreen_0047_Ed 20131009_Doreen_0049_Ed_BW 20131009_Doreen_0052_Ed 20131009_Doreen_0054_Ed 20131009_Doreen_0057_Ed

I had fun shooting Doreen. Just a few weeks after this, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I'm just glad we were able to document this milestone in her life. I think I want to do it again.